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DermadartWhat is Dermadart

Millisecond Linear Drive Needling (complete boxed kit)

  • For Doctors and Skin Needling Professionals Only
  • Dermadart changes Microneedling forever many other automatic Microneedle devices are based upon semi-permanent make up or motorized tattoo machines. Dermadart is different it has been designed from scratch to allow glidable safe and precise Microneedling procedures without appreciable ‘micro-tearing’.

What are the benefits?

  • No motors. 100% electromagnet drive system (only one on market)
  • Safe to glide
  • No dragging on skin
  • Adjustable speed, burst rate and needling length (0.2mm to 2.0mm)
  • Fully certified CE-marked medical device
  • The Dermadart needle represent quality medicial device engineering
  • Sterile medical grade stainless steel needles
  • Needles always return to a safe position when off
  • Gamma safe materials-assembled in ISO clean room

Only Dermadart can offer adjustable speed:

  • Single pulse
  • Burst mode
  • Delay mode
  • Continuous mode

The needles are medical grade stainless steel and fully ISO certified. Dermadart is unique in having an ultra low duty cycle as low as 1%. This means the needles are in the skin 1% of the time and out the skin 99% of the time, meaning you can slide without dragging. Other motor driven devices have a 50% duty cycle and have needles in the skin 50% of the time.

The Dermadart comes in a complete boxed kit, cost is £795.00 plus VAT. Inc a one year warranty. (Free 2 year warranty upgrade for 2013) Dermadart Needle Cartridges (In a sterile pack) cost £8.00 each, sold in boxes of 10 cartridges. (£80.00 plus VAT)

Speed / number of holes?
Dermadart offers speeds of 1Hz to 35Hz which is very quick. Duty cycle increase as the speed increases to 35Hz which is why built-in “pulse delay” programming has been included in this mode. The point being made here is, if you look at skin after a pixelated laser treatment, the holes are spaced – well spaced holes, not mashing the skin with super-high frequencies as touted by the motor devices.

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